Let me tell you a little about me

My family and Friends call me Tino, many know me as Tino Foy and I also answer to Street Diplomat. 

I am just a guy who is very grateful for this opportunity called life. I live in search of freedom. Freedom from societal expectations, freedom to express myself and the freedom to enjoy life. Everything I do is meant to help me attain that freedom and inspire others to pursue it too because I believe it is the greatest gift from God.

I make music, I write to share my ideas, I love working on creative projects and I am an advocate for good governance. As humans, we can only enjoy life to the extent that our society and communities allow us. I believe as a people we must fight for good governance because it is that thing which makes it possible for us to create environments in which everyone has the opportunity to attain the full potential, pursue their purpose and live a good and fulfilling life. 

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