Making Music After 5 Years

I honestly didn’t think I will come back to doing music. When I decided to take a break, I had to do away all my music production equipment. I sold some and gave some out to friends. I had reached a point where I was no longer enjoying doing the music. I also feel like my music was a bit disconnected from the people that I wanted to serve it first to.

I am a lot older too, a lot more intentional about what I do and I am making the music from a very different space compared to when I just started. Also on this project, I am not producing any of the songs. I hope to get back to production soon when I have more time on my hands.

I am also not doing this from a desperate place so I think the feedback, whether positive or negative won’t really affect me that much. I also feel rusty but I am not worried about that, I am just trying to enjoy the process again and hopefully grow into the artist that I see in my mind.

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